BC Wild Shrimp

BC WILD SHRIMP is proudly harvested by the some 245 members of the British Columbia shrimp trawl fleet and processed in British Columbia, Canada. It is both a BC and Canadian product of which we can all be proud.

The ever-increasing awareness by consumers of issues related to sustainability, management, nutrition, and product safety has led many to re-examine their consumption of fish and seafood products as a positive alternative to other sources of protein. As a result consumers are becoming more aware that BC WILD SHRIMP is a “what you see is what you get- 100% NATURAL and WILD product.

In order to support both the management and research required to have this fishery be recognized as sustainable and one of the cleanest shrimp fisheries in the world fishermen, buyers, processors, and brand label marketers, came together in 1997 to form the PACIFIC COAST SHRIMPERS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, a provincially registered not-for-profit society.

Since that time this industry group has:

Funded the management of the BC SHRIMP BY TRAWL fishery through contractual agreements with the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Over $3,000,000 in overall direct Management Costs towards ensuring the industry remains an environmentally friendly and sustainable fishery.

Launched two separate research projects valued at over $150,000 to reduce by-catch of incidental species. As a result the BC shrimp by trawl fleet is now “considered one of the cleanest shrimp fisheries in the world” (CSASRD 99/146).

Mandated the 100% use of By-catch reduction devices by all BC Vessels.

Funded over $300,000 in direct at sea observer coverage to detail and verify shrimp landings and by-catch data.

Hosted international conferences on by-catch reduction in support of increasing awareness of by-catch issues in shrimp and other fisheries.

Launched an Eulachon Stewardship Initiative and in collaboration with DFO has contributed funds toward DNA research studies to identify both the range and home spawning river of Eulachon populations.

Conducted nutritional analysis studies on BC WILD SHRIMP .

Licensed BC WILD SHRIMP supporting the BUY BC PROGRAM.

BC WILD SHRIMP are special and a unique gift to us from nature. Through the efforts of the active fishing fleet, members, and Directors of the PACIFIC COAST SHRIMPERS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION strive to bring you the highest quality, nutritious, safest, healthy, and delicious BC WILD SHRIMP. And through our ongoing efforts, to increase our contribution to the sustainable management and knowledge base of BC Shrimp Populations through our current and future Research and Development Initiatives.