Trawling for shrimp in BC waters has been a traditional fishing activity since the mid 1890’s. Today, almost 120 years later the fishery still supports fishermen and their families in local communities and provides one of our provinces most delicious and versatile seafood’s.

The Product

BC WILD SHRIMP species are fished by the BC SHRIMP TRAWL FLEET in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. While the fishery includes seven species the most common species you will find in the marketplace include Pink Shrimp (Pandalus eous {borealis}, P. goniurus, P. jordani); Side Stripe (Pandalopsis dispar); Coonstripe or Dock Shrimp (P danae) and Humbpack Shrimp (P hypsinopsis).

Unlike much of the shrimp on the market that is farmed, BC WILD SHRIMP is just that WILD and chemical free and, besides its delicious taste has many attributes.


  • BC WILD SHRIMP – fishing vessels have a MANDATORY requirement to use By-Catch Reduction Devices (BRD’s) to ensure that the bycatch of incidental species remain minimal.
  • BC WILD SHRIMP – fleet has successfully reduced its bycatch of Eulachon, a culturally sensitive marine fish, by some 97+% during the past 9 years. Making the British Columbia shrimp trawl fishing fleet – “One of the cleanest shrimp fisheries in the World” (CSASRD 99/179.)


BC WILD SHRIMP is a species, which has been shown to be an excellent food choice for those looking for a meal option that is high in protein, omega 3, and selenium, while low in overall calories and fat.

  • BC WILD SHRIMP is proudly harvested by members of the British Columbia Shrimp Trawl Fleet.
  • BC WILD SHRIMP are a licensed products under the Buy BC Program.
  • BC WILD SHRIMP are just that WILD- 100% natural, no chemicals, no antibiotics, no hormones, no feed. Just 100% – “what you see is what you get” WILD.

For more information on the Health and Nutrition Benefits of BC WILD SHRIMP and/or to review a delicious selection of recipes and preparation ideas from some of British Columbia’s best- known chefs please check out other areas of our site.

BC WILD SHRIMP fleet endorses and respects a total of over 146 mandatory fishing closures including:

  • 106 Rockfish Conservation Areas
  • 34 Conservation Areas, Marine Reserves, Navigations Closures, Parks and Ecological Reserves
  • 2 Season Closures
  • 4 Special Management Areas (100% observer coverage)
  • Closures identified to protect recently identified Sponge Reefs


BC WILD SHRIMP – are harvested by a BC based fleet under the management of the Pacific Region Shrimp Trawl Integrated Fisheries Management Plan which is updated and approved annually by the Fisheries and Oceans Canada Regional Director General for the Pacific Region. Fishery management is funded by the active shrimp trawl fishing fleet (approximate cost $140,000 annually) and facilitated through a Joint Project Agreement between Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Pacific Coast Shrimpers Cooperative Association.

Managed through the use of 38 distinct management areas, all areas are assigned a species quota annually based on research surveys designed to determine the shrimp stock biomass indices. If a survey is not carried out the maximum harvest level for that area is set at a 10 tonnes or the area remains closed to the harvest of shrimp.

Harvests are monitored through a suite of tools including, but not limited to:

  • Mandatory Fisheries Logbook Program
  • A 24 hour HAIL OUT and HAIL IN Program
  • At Sea observer coverage
  • Dock Side validation

Side Stripe Shrimp Ravioli

Side Stripe Shrimp Ravioli Pasta Dough: 3.5c. All purpose flour 1 c. Semolina 7 Whole eggs 2 tbs. Olive oil 1 tsp. Salt Method: Combine the two flours with the salt. Make a well in [...]

Brentwood Beer Shrimp

Brentwood Beer Shrimp 3- pounds raw sidestripe un-peeled BC WILD SHRIMP 2-3 cans of your favorite beer 8 garlic cloves crushed 2-teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 ½ teaspoon celery seed ½ cup Vinegar 4 teaspoon Tabasco [...]

Sydney (BC) Sidestripe on the Barbi

Sydney (BC) Sidestripe on the Barbi 1- ½ pound raw sidestripe un-peeled BC WILD SHRIMP 1-2 minced garlic clove, 1 Tablespoon fresh parsley finely chopped 1 dash of Paprika few tablespoons of your favorite white [...]